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Unbounce lets marketers build, publish and test landing pages without IT or software. A/B testing and lead gen make it a powerful marketing tool.
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Unbounce is a company that has been offering landing page services since 2009. This product helps you improve your marketing experience so you can better attract your potential customers. With Unbounce, you can make, post and test your landing pages before using them for business purposes. This helps you improve your site's user experience, which is a great business accelerator. With more than 10,000 users representing some of the most important names in the world, Unbounce has grown tremendously over the years. It has revolutionized the experience of creating pages and delivered hands to laymen who shape their business pages according to their tastes.

Unbounce is known as one of the fastest and most popular site-creation services in the world. You need a new website for that new product you create or seasonal promotion. Or maybe not, you really need a promotion page for that item, delighting your followers, and perhaps capturing your contact information so that you can get in touch again later. Therefore, landing page applications like Unbounce are designed. They give you an easy way to create a new site for everything you want.

In a few minutes, you can customize the template page, add your own brand and information, and share it with the world. Then you can come back and see how your site did or run an A/B test with two templates to see what works best with your audience. It begins at your Unbounce Forum, where you'll see quick statistics on each of your pages, and you can end up with a large number of pages because Unbounce allows you to create as many pages as you want. To create a new one, simply click the green Create New Page button in the upper right corner, then select a blank theme or sample to start.

Create and publish as many pages as you want. Thanks to the Unbounce platform, you can create and export A/B tests for an unlimited number of pages. Publishing is not limited to a specific area. Actually, you can publish your page to as many areas as you can imagine. To improve the online experience for mobile users, Unbounce provides 100% optimization of mobile devices. This particularly improves the conversion rate due to the high percentage of mobile users these days. Features like moving parallax, widgets and intriguing backgrounds give a new definition of customers’ online experience.

To help you with the design, Unbounce has a wide range of templates and features. There are over 85 templates for mobile devices, so you have a lot of options to choose from. Quickly load pages with Unbounce and post them. If you have your own design ideas, you can also start with a blank page. To manage your customers and users, Unbounce offers management of multiple clients through one account. You can also organize offers for your customers. To ensure high quality performance of all time, Unbounce guarantees a 99.99% renewal. Your pages are loading quicker. Four different data centers in different parts of the world guarantee that speed is never compromised. 13,000 sellers have been making use of Unbounce services for their high effectiveness.

The template editor is reminiscent of Photoshop, toolbars in the upper left corner, and entities with panels on the right. Drag and drop the desired elements, and Unbounce will adjust them to the edges or center of the document while dragging them to make it easier to build a fast-order page. There are several types of fonts to use, including the latest favorite Google fonts, such as Open Sans and Roboto, and keyword and description attributes. And if you like the template, you can download it for later use or share or you can buy third party themes and upload them to Unbounce, although you cannot manually encode HTML templates and import them.

You'll also see devices that will appear when you add viewers, forms, and other interactive elements to your page. You can customize the design of each of your own, then check them out from the View button. There are also custom HTML, Javascript, and CSS fields where you can add custom code to your page. And of course, click the blue Save button periodically to make sure your settings are not lost.

Your new design is likely to be great, but it may not be the best possible site for your customers. You will only know when testing is performed, and the Variant button in the upper left corner is useful. You can copy the page and then edit it to see if, for example, a different color on the subscription button is better or not. Then, on the dashboard, you can see how each variation worked, which allowed visitors to stay longer and encourage most people to click on the subscription form.

Who Hosts the Landing Pages?

Every Unbounce page is hosted on Unbounce servers.

Why is there white space/scrollbars on mobile?

Although this may seem like a big problem, it is very easy to solve. Basically, what is happening is that there is an element in your mobile design that extends beyond the safe area of your published page. It may not look like it, but if you're searching for a mobile device design, you might find an image, logo, or frame beyond the bounds.

How do I change mobile view without affecting desktop?

The elements on your page (in both builders) are really interconnected, and when you change between them, you move the same element. Something like a mirror reflection. Changes you make to one builder will also affect another builder.

How Mobile Responsive Works in Unbounce?

When Unbounce created their mobile responsive feature, the main concern was to ensure that Desktop and Mobile displays are fully functional and fully customizable, with minimum work on the client side, across as many devices as possible.

Why Do I Need a CNAME Record?

Since Unbounce makes use of a rotating IP address, it is necessary for them to display a subdomain on the landing page, and the CNAME record is the best way to do so.

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