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Customer service software and support ticket system by Zendesk®. Web-based help desk software used by 200,000+ organizations worldwide. Free 30 day trial.
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Zendesk is one of the leading software application for support that is currently available on the market. With more than 40,000 organizations around the world, is the leading cloud-hosted help desk providers available for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to large multinational companies, such as Groupon and Zappos. The help desk software is straightforward to organize and deploy to reduce costs, increase productivity, and ensure user satisfaction. From 5 to 500 agents, Zendesk can handle thousands of tickets each day. It also integrates your support channels such as email, web, chat, and social networks. You can also access Zendesk from your desktop or mobile device, which is a convenient and flexible solution for small businesses that tap a home-based, freelance support setup.

As a customer service function, Zendesk has the majority of tools needed to resolve consumer’s issues, connect with forums, and create self-help forums to replace social networks. With embedded chat capability and embedded apps that you can connect with your social media platforms, it offers fully customizable customer support. The Social Networking Tool provides a quick overview of conversations and social messaging, enabling you to be aware of tweets, instant messaging, and conversations on popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. With quick warnings from one command center, you can respond faster to improve CRM on social networks.

Zendesk lets you respond directly to social media users on your favorite platforms without having to call them or visit your website. Since you can use standard social media services, the integration feature provides quick processing for users who have only one question. This way, you can integrate standard social media services directly into your customer support and respond to those messages without leaving Zendesk.

For users with problems that can not be solved immediately, you can set up tickets or allow them to send tickets via social media applications or your website. You can also set up help forums so that your clients can respond directly to each other. The forum allows users to log in, create usernames and interact with each other, making it a service of self-help. Integrated analysis and statistics make it easy for you to see who interacts with you, how quickly they get the answer and where they come from. This allows you to prioritize areas where most users ask questions or ask for help.

Pricing Zendesk's price structure starts with only $1 per agent per month for the initial plan. This is the Zendesk Basic Plan for Beginners. Depending on the features you need, you can choose another four plans, including regular, plus, Enterprise, and Enterprise Elite editions. Enterprise Elite, the most expensive plan, costs $195 per agent per month and includes Elite support and product training.

Halfway Plus's plan can be the best option for most companies because it offers many features at its pretty low price of $59 per agent per month (annually charged). The Plus Plan is not the cheapest plan, but it may be worth the fee. Finally, a free trial version is offered to anyone who wants to get their feet wet before making any of Zendesk's paid plans.

It is important to note that Zendesk has divided into several products a set of features that other competitors include in one product. For example, a knowledge base and self-service portal are part of the Zendesk Help Center product. And live chat, call center integration via VoIP, and social messaging integration are part of the applications called Chat, Talk, and Message. The price of all these apps is confusing, so check out the complete full version and get the entire quote from Zendesk before you go into anything.

Zendesk is also an excellent choice for companies that want to support self-service, as you can use it to set up an online 24-hour service portals, a powerful knowledge bases, a community of online and intuitive searches Frequently Asked Questions searches. Instead of assigning agents, even for the less important and smallest queries, this will allow users to seek the solution themselves.

As expected from the robust helpdesk product, Zendesk offers many customization and branding options, allowing users to fully customize the operations of a particular brand and offering simple tools that make your business more professional and respectful. You can also use it for information and analytical purposes: install it and compare your customer satisfaction ratings and the performance of your team to support your goals and even your competitors' qualifications. Get more than 20 templates and panel reports.

Last but not least, you can make use of several applications that integrate with Zendesk into many categories, including analysis and reports; agent productivity; CRM; e-commerce; and social networks. Easily integrate your business systems and software with an open Zendesk API. Get 100 Outstanding Integration with Popular Productivity Apps such as Salesforce, G Suite, Jira, FreshBooks, and WordPress.

What is Zendesk ticketing system?

In customer service, the ticketing system or support ticket system handles incoming customer support requests and automatically generates a customer service card. Zendesk is a ticketing system that serves as a common mailbox for all your customers' concerns and questions.

What is Zendesk chat?

Zopim Chat is a better chat experience for you as well as your clients. You can talk to them in real time, communicate with them when they are trapped and collect valuable information to help them on their next visit, all in the same Zendesk interface you call home.

What is Zendesk support?

Zendesk Support is a wonderfully easy tracking system, prioritization and solving customer support tickets.

Is Zendesk a CRM system?

Zendesk stands out in tracking and managing customer support bills, but does not excel in most other areas of CRM. Their ability to integrate with other popular CRM programs is always worth considering for organizations that value their core bid.

What is Zendesk app?

Their agents feel a great responsibility to the buyers. Whether users are distant or not, the Zendesk mobile application is a great way for agents to sign up or get an upgrade.