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Zenefits is free online HR Software that gives your team a single place to manage all your human resource needs - payroll, benefits, compliance and more.
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Zenefits is an online platform that offers human relationships services and software to small and medium businesses. Its goal is to provide a platform that helps eliminate the stress and complexity of managing human resources for the company and its employees without having to spend much on their limited resources and to support complex payroll management processes. Key features include Business Intelligence, Employee Directory, Insurance Benefits, Payroll Synchronization, Customer Service, Employment and Installation, ACA Compliance, Mobile Device Optimization, and much more.

All HR business offers are integrated with Zenefits into a simple online dashboard, providing them with better employee access, better control, as well as greater confidence in compliance. Best of all, the platform itself is free, adding value to startups in search of an optimal, affordable HR solution for small businesses, startups or even individual human managers that want to monitor the activities of their team.

When it comes to Benefits Management, Zenefits is the best in its class and got the choice of publishers in the category. In order to enhance the basic functionality of Zenefits and break away from the controversy and scandal of the past, the company introduced Zenefits Z2, a revised version of the software that includes a new human resources directory, 27 partnerships, an open third-party application developer platform, mobile applications and HR advisor , a new HR-as-a-service application for small business owners as well as human resources managers.

Zenefits Z2 also incorporates benefits shopping and registration marketplace modeled that will be felt as an e-commerce experience. In May 2017, Zenefits released new partnerships with Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, and Clutter, allowing the system to share information with these applications.

The user interface of Zenefits is well mapped with self-explanatory instructions for performing basic human resources tasks and provides a fast way to connect with existing benefits plans, including medical, dental, visionary, short-term and long-term disabilities, and 401k pension funds. If you start a business and do not have a vendor, you can fill Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, get bids, sign up and start.

Benefits of Using Zenefits

When a new employee joins a company's staff, the system directs business users through the process of adding that employee. All employee contracts can be signed online, completely eliminating rules and regulations from the process. In addition, Zenefits collects the necessary tax and bank information from the employee by allowing the worker to enter the data himself. When all the data is collected, that employee will be added to the company's payroll and register him to receive the appropriate benefits.

Since everything is completed, archived and stored electronically, businesses do not have to be troubled about printing out documents any longer, but they need to be re-scanned after signing up. Its cloud-based features allow access from anywhere, so managers can sign in from the airport to check their absence or check their own benefits.

As a company owner or HR professional, you have the ability to maintain existing plans or selections from a wide selection of new benefits available in the system. Furthermore, you are confident that your company can easily fulfill the complexity of the Affordable Care Act, report the status of benefits and coverage status, and swiftly send e-file tax with the IRS. In addition, Zenefits optimizes the recruitment, compilation, and administration of employee files. All changes will be applied through the platform, ensuring that your HR data is always up to date.

In addition, its payroll function is linked to everything you manage in Zenefits, which updates automatically whenever they change. With Zenefits, you can do approval processes as well as time entry, decrease errors, and ensure that your hourly employees receive payments correctly and in good time. With its simple database, you can easily track and run employee paid time off. It is also possible to simplify applications and approvals and achieve broad visibility of PTO use throughout the organization to increase efficiency and management.

The Z2 update has added a number of new features that help launch the tool at the top of its class. The 27 integrations enabled during the launch includes productivity, payroll and accounting, cost reporting applications, stock options, performance management, recruitment, and employee commitment applications. Every significant document is updated enthusiastically by the Z2 automated workflow of Zenefits, and integrated applications from Expensify, G-Suite from Google and Microsoft Office 365$6.99 at Microsoft to Salesforce, Slack and Intuit QuickBooks$39.95 in Intuitive.

Online Dashboard

The online dashboard is a central location for easy access and quick retrieval of all employee information within the company. The dashboard includes a number of resources and tools to simplify long-term, essential human resource tasks, such as employee engagement, benefit administration, as well as attendance/paid time tracking. The cloud-based platform also facilitates changes in all areas by linking all human resources (payroll service providers, benefits providers, and many more) to the center of operations.

What does the company Zenefits do?

Zenefits is based in the US. It is a company that renders cloud-based software as a service to companies for running their human resources, with a special focus on assisting them with health insurance coverage.

Is Zenefits a PEO?

Zenefits is an excellent alternative to making use of PEO. Unlike PEO, Zenefits does not become a co-employee for your business. They provide a platform for administering and managing human resources, which includes payroll, health insurance, time and vacation monitoring, pension plans and more.

Is there a charge for each payroll run in Zenefits payroll?

No, there’s no charge for payroll run in Zenefits payroll. Month-to-month charges for Zenefits are dictated by the kind of agreement and the basic cost and number of employees in the payroll as of the first of the month. It is actually one price for all payment frequencies.

What's the difference between a paystub and a pay template?

The recurring earnings and deductions are determined by the payroll model in Zenefits Payroll, as well as contributions that they will have in each payment. An employee’s payroll lists the details for earnings, deductions, and contributions in one run.

When will my Zenefits paystubs update?

Employees who get paid through Zenefits Payroll can see their payment certificates at midnight on the check date.