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Zylo is a SaaS Optimization Platform based in Indianapolis.
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Zylo Services

SaaS Operations Management

The Zylo Discovery Engine ingests all enterprise financial transactions through direct connections to financial reporting, including direct purchases and employee expense transactions. Verified data is added to the Zylo Discovery Engine, improving the accuracy of the machine learning algorithm with each successive analysis, ensuring a real-time system of record for all SaaS applications.

License Management

Zylo provides SaaS License Management as part of their platform. Identify inactive licenses through the full visibility delivered by Zylo. Correct mismanaged SaaS applications and reduce inactive licenses with Zylo’s License Management Workflows.

Renewal Management

Zylo uses the data pulled to ensure application owners have the right information, at the right time, including notifications about app engagement and provisioning, upcoming renewals, and unusual expense activity. Zylo’s renewal calendar and alerts ensure no renewals are missed.

Spend Management

Zylo also manages SaaS spend. Eliminate SaaS-related inefficiencies, security risks, and hidden costs. Through Zylo’s actionable insights, professionally manage all SaaS applications in real-time.

Usage Tracking/Analytics

Zylo allows users to leverage trend data from application engagement and provisioning to understand future projections on use, look deeply at adoption to anticipate the need for upgrades or downgrades in licensing tiers.

IT Collaboration

Through Zylo-enabled visibility, discover every application, buyer, and user within the organization. Drive best practices at the source: the user.

Zylo Pricing

Pricing is not public for Zylo, but on average Blissfully is about half the cost of Zylo.

Zylo Review

Zylo is the leading SaaS management platform, built for the enterprise. Through your Zylo-Powered SaaS System of Record, access complete visibility into your organization's cloud-based spend. Equipped with your Zylo-powered insights, the enterprise support team will help you contain costs, eliminate shadow IT, optimize SaaS licensing, enter informed renewal negotiations, build IT collaboration, secure all SaaS applications, drive disruptive innovation, prepare for growth, and more.

Zylo platform: Zylo's platform uses login information and primarily financial integrations to derive data on your SaaS software. This allows you to understand information and insights about applications are being used such as: what users and teams are using the software, license features and tiers, how often the software is being used, and how much is being spent on it.

Zylo demo

Zylo will provide a free demo upon request.

Zylo vs. Blissfully

While Zylo specializes in application engagement analytics and license optimization, primarily through financial integrations, Blissfully's software goes beyond basic analytics and integrations to include a complete SaaS Management platform, including automated and customizable workflows.

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