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1Password is a secure and convenient password manager. Keep your important information secure with AES 256-bit encryption. Keep all kinds of information easily organized with convenient categories and your own tags. Instantly find what you need with powerful and customizable search. 1Password remembers and fills web forms with your passwords, credit card information, and addresses—with a single click.
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AgileBits 1Password was originally designed for Mac in 2006. But now, it also offers applications for Windows, Android and iOS, plus extensions for all major browsers. As one of the most important names in the password management business, 1Password is liable to attract loads of new customers. Today, not even a soul wants a password manager that is limited to Windows, right? It's important to have access to passwords on all your devices. AgileBits 1Password 6 covered applications for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS, as well as browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

1Password has a unique configuration process. Once you enter your name, 1Password generates a "secret key" of 34 characters. Then create the main password. Together, these two pieces generate a complete encryption key used to encrypt passwords and other data, and you must enter them each time you add a new device or browser extension. Due to its importance, 1Password then provides emergency kit with your secret key and password-mastering space. It saves it in PDF format and it is recommended to store it on a USB key or on a safe deposit box.

Costs and What's Covered

There are two ways to get 1Password. The simplest way is to sign up for a 1Password online subscription, which is $36 a year for one person or $60 a year for a five-member families plan. The hardest is downloading the platform-by-platform software; each time, you pay a separate software license and you must send an email to 1Password so that it can do so, since the company is "de-emphasizing" this option. The standalone licenses for Mac and Windows used to be $50 respectively, but are now combined in a suite of $65. The license is valid forever, but as with Microsoft Windows, you will have to pay for upgrade to the next version, a significantly newer version of the software.

Basic mobile apps for iOS and Android are free but very different. The $10 purchase in the app offers a Pro update for each platform, which includes Apple's support for iOS, but even a free version of iOS makes more than a paid Android one. If you make use of the Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android interchangeably, the license costs can be added up. (Online subscription offers all premium features, but you have to renew it every year instead of paying once for each license).

Security and Privacy

As a commercial product, the 1Password source code is generally unavailable for scrutiny, although several elements, which have been "revealed" do resist scrunity and suggest that the security measures determined are appropriate or better. Using 256-bit AES Encryption is a powerful and secure option for this password administrator. As with all other programs of this kind, the most important aspect of security is the use of the main password. When you install the program for the first time, you will be asked to enter this password, the only one you should remember before using the product. Assuming you have chosen a long, complex and hard-to-master password, it must be well-configured because it will be processed by the software.

With end-to-end encryption prepared, the selected master password will be exceedingly secure, but of course, you will not have the ability to recover the master password. In our opinion, this is an essential feature of such software, but more importantly, the main password you choose is a hard-to-decrypt memory. The best known ones will be happy to know that the above cloud synchronization is not enabled by default, but when needed, this can be done via Wi-Fi, which eliminates the need to send your password to the Internet.

Such a connection can be made even without the need for a router, since 1Password can generate an ad hoc wireless network. Just so you know, 1Password likewise provides helpful tips on ways to verify network activity to make sure that data is not sent to AgileBits. The password generator, available from the browser extension, offers more customization options than most password administrators. By default, there are 20 character passwords, but can be measured from 4 to 54 characters with the use of a slider. The passwords are automatically sensitive to letter size and can range from one to ten symbols and characters.

Organizing and Editing

You can browse and edit all saved connections and other stored data in Windows or in your browser extension. Many password administrators allow you to organize saved items in folders. LastPass, Sticky Password Premium $14.99 in a special offer, while others support nested folders. 1Password instead utilizes a tag system, allowing more tags for every login. In addition to passwords, identities as well as credit cards, you can add a variety of other data and access them from any device. Among the many possibilities are driver's license, passport and social security number.

Is there a free 1Password tier?

1password is a free application for all platforms. If you make use of a password at work, there are business plans that start at $ 3.99 per user per month. In addition, you can unlock business features once in the one-time-in-app purchase on both iOS and MacOS. The iOS version costs $9.99, and the macOS version costs $64.99.

What is 1password app?

Use a 1password in Safari and other applications. The extension of the 1password allows one to fill passwords, addresses as well as credit cards straightforwardly in Safari and other applications on your iOS device.

Why do I see "Trial Expired"? Where can I find my license?

If you have a 1password account, sign in to the application and 1password will be fully functional again. If you paid for a 1password in the AgileBits store, you ought to have received an email of the license information. Enter the email address you used when buying 1password from the AgileBits store and your license will be resent by them.

What is a 1password account?

A 1password account gives you access to all that 1password has to offer: all apps, flawless sync, access and sharing of the webpage, for a monthly fee.