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Enable your IT team to centralize, orchestrate, and operationalize day-to-day administration and control across SaaS applications.
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Bettercloud Services

SaaS Operations

Unify SaaS applications (including multiple instances of a single application) for a single view of users, groups, and files. By giving you visibility into your applications, BetterCloud helps surface critical insights, like how data is shared with people outside of your company and user settings across different applications.

BetterCloud has a central repository of over 250 administrator actions designed for day-to-day SaaS management, increasing the productivity of teams who support multiple SaaS applications by making it easy to manage routine updates, make bulk changes, and expedite remediation of security issues.

Provisioning & Deprovisioning

BetterCloud can provision and deprovision accounts for users or listen for these activities from your existing identity or HR system, such as Okta, Workday, or Namely. When these activities occur, BetterCloud triggers an automated sequence of actions to fully onboard or offboard a user.


BetterCloud Templates simplify the process of creating workflows for the most common automated policies in your SaaS environment. By normalizing the steps across applications, BetterCloud enables IT teams to quickly select the different types of actions needed for a process, without getting inundated by the nuances of applications’ administrator consoles.

Usage Tracking/Analytics

Since administrator controls are delegated and managed through BetterCloud, IT and Security teams get a comprehensive view of all administrator actions taken across connected applications. BetterCloud’s Audit Log can be searched, filtered, and exported, making it simple to document administrator actions for regulatory compliance and identify rogue administrators and their actions.

Bettercloud Pricing

Pricing is not public for Bettercloud, but on average Blissfully is about half the cost of Bettercloud.

Bettercloud Review

Bettercloud is SaaS Operations Management Platform built to work in G Suite.

Bettercloud platform: Bettercloud's platform uses G Suite login information and integrations to generate data on your SaaS software: what users and teams are using the software, license features and tiers, how often the software is being used, and how much is being spent on it. Additionally, Bettercloud provides a series of workflow templates to manage changes to software.

Bettercloud demo

Bettercloud will provide a free demo upon request.

Bettercloud vs. Blissfully

While Bettercloud specializes in application engagement analytics and license optimization, Blissfully's software goes beyond basic analytics to include a complete SaaS Management platform, including automated and customizable workflows, compliance data, and complete visibility.

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