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Why Invest In Onboarding Software? [+ 4 Tools]

Your onboarding experience is your employee’s first look at the culture and practices of your company. A poor employee onboarding process can leave a bad impression on your organization and your new employees. Even worse, it can set the new hires up for failure. Your new employees could...

July 21, 2021 in
HRIS system

9 Essential Steps To Choosing An HRIS System

“Startups are built to solve specific problems. When starting out, we focus all our energies on solving that specific problem. Any effort spent on anything else is wasted,” Ariel Diaz, founder and CEO of Blissfully, writes in his post, “SaaS Tools for Startups, What...


5 Ways IT Improves Business Cost-efficiency

Have you ever taken a shortcut? Did you think that by taking the shortcut, you would save time or money…but, in the end, the shortcut ended up costing you more than you bargained? You don’t need to be an economist to know that business shortcuts can sometimes cost more than we planned....

A man using a phone and a computer, handling SaaS Management Challenges

6 SaaS Challenges That High-Growth Companies Face

Managing IT in the era of SaaS software proliferation can be difficult, especially since the command-and-control model of old no longer works for most companies. A Collaborative IT approach, in contrast, involves team leaders, employees, finance, HR, and IT in collectively solving SaaS...

June 9, 2021 in
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Ditch the Spreadsheet: A Smarter Way for SaaS Subscription Management

Did you know that the average mid-size business uses 137 SaaS applications? Yet, despite those high numbers, most businesses still track their SaaS app usage with an Excel or Google spreadsheet. If you’re one of them, you probably know how unwieldy and inefficient this can be. Yet most...

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How More SaaS Solutions Can Cause More Problems

Because of cloud computing, software as a Service (SaaS) is changing how we use business applications today. Instead of downloading or installing software onto our desktop computers (remember CD-ROMs?), we now access apps over the internet using a web browser. Instead of buying the application,...

June 1, 2021 in