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SaaS Spend Optimization for Finance Departments

How Finance can Carry Out Stress-Free SaaS Spend Optimization For medium and large scale businesses,

November 11, 2019 in

Announcing Blissfully 2.0!

Blissfully was born out of real-life frustration. When building their last startup, our founders exp

October 23, 2019 in

New Guide: The Blissfully Guide to License Management

Today we’re announcing the launch of our License Management System, as well as releasing ̶

October 22, 2019 in

Checklist: Provisioning SaaS Apps for New Hires

An effective employee onboarding process is key to success for your organization’s new hires. But

SaaS Vendor Renewal Process: A Checklist for IT

The number of SaaS apps within organizations has been growing for years, rising from just a handful

July 31, 2019 in

How Cloud-Native Companies Manage Their SaaS Apps

Almost 10 years ago, Marc Andreesen wrote that “software is eating the world.” Today it’s as t

July 26, 2019 in