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SaaS Security and Compliance for HR

The role of HR in ensuring SaaS security compliance in your company From C-level executives to your

December 30, 2019 in

SaaS Best Practices for Finance Departments

A detailed SaaS management strategy for Finance to make SaaS work for you, not you for SaaS Software

December 18, 2019 in

SaaS Vendor Relationships Are (Still) Important

Getting long-term benefits from your SaaS purchases When you add a SaaS app from a new vendor to you

December 12, 2019 in

SaaS Vendor Management for IT Teams

SaaS Vendor Management for IT Teams Today, organizations have thousands of cloud-based apps availabl

December 6, 2019 in

Blissfully Product Update, Dec 5, 2019

This December the Blissfully team is bringing the holiday bliss! 🎄🎄 As you’re gearing up

December 5, 2019 in

Vendor Management Workflow – Eight Benefits

Why you need a set and repeatable vendor requests, approval, renewal, and termination process. If yo

December 4, 2019 in