Best VPN’s for Business Users


Why use a VPN?

As we highlighted in our business IT overview, any time you’re on public wifi, you’re exposing data that is not being transmitted securely via https. Public Wi-Fi is everywhere nowadays, and a major convenience, making it more important than ever to take the necessary precautions needed to safeguard themselves. Learn more below about the best VPN’s for business users.

Hackers might try intercepting the communication between your device and the device you’re trying to send or retrieve information from. There are numerous attack venues to worry about with public Wi-Fi including Wi-Fi sniffing.

But the good news is, most of online sites involving transactions (banking, e-mails, etc.) utilize strict security measures. But not everything is protected. Even patterns in internet browsing can be sensitive. The best approach to shield yourself from public Wi-Fi is by utilizing a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to “mask” your traffic.

Key features to look for when selecting a VPN

It’s too obvious that due to security needs of internet users sending encrypted data over a network, the VPN is created. With it, comes a number of essential features. These include:

  • Multi-platform support: You can make use of a one account to connect several devices concurrently via the same Wi-Fi/IP address/router/modem
  • Location and ability to select regions: A VPN with servers from several locations gives you the option to choose between regions while curbing potential issues.
  • Speed: Since a VPN is routing traffic through a different location, it will impact your browsing speed, so you ened to pick a VPN that won’t slow you down too much.
  • Trusted privacy: By using a VPN, you can browse the internet with complete anonymity. That means appearing as an “anonymous” individual when accessing websites and web-based applications, so making sure the company behind the VPN is reputable is important.

What’s the best VPN?

VPNs are known as one of the best security tools that any internet user can have. Many use them to bypass regional restrictions imposed on certain online content. Whatever the reason it maybe, VPNs are gaining in popularity.

Here are some of the best VPN’s for business users.



SurfEasy is a VPN app that offers a bit of flair. When opened, it’ll inform you where you are along with your new IP address (without being too functional) which provides some cool visual touch. A free account can get you 500MB monthly which is enough for surfing the web. A paid account gives you unlimited bandwidth and an ad blocking option. You can also through them by means of their referral program.



ExpressVPN is considered to be one of the most secure and dependable brands in the VPN market. It’s very fast and safe, given their SSL-secured network armed with 256-bit encryption, unlimited bandwidth, and high speed.

Currently, ExpressVPN has servers in over 70 countries and more than 100 locations all over the globe. That means there will always be a location nearby to give you the best internet surfing experience possible. In addition, the service possesses hidden servers situated in Hong Kong, which are made to dodge the GFW. This would make it appear as if you’re not using a VPN in the first place.


F-Secure Freedome

Aside from the obvious features brought about by just about any VPN, F-Secure offers a user friendly interface for those who have little or no experience with VPNs. It contains a pre-installed antivirus for enhanced security.

The app is easy on the eyes and comes bundled with a 2-week free trial to let you play around with it before the subscription notice. It also comes with anonymity features, unlimited bandwidth, and a one-button mode for first-time users.



VYPR VPN is viewed as one of the most best VPN’s for business users in the industry today. Regardless if you’re a power, casual, or business user, this app has you covered. They have more than 700 servers around the globe, 200,000+ IP address, and a tightly secured access via Chameleon 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN. In addition, they provide cloud storage in all of their packages to ensure your files are secured.

They also have apps available for different devices including Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS. VYPR VPN is consistently used by the team from Reddit.

Our Recommendation: SurfEesy

SurfEasy takes the cake out of all the other VPNs in the market. It’s fast, offers excellent customer support, and provides some of the most competitive pricing in the market. SurfEasy brings in ground-breaking innovation that makes it portable while securing your online privacy regardless if you’re at home or in public.

There are a number of reasons why we chose SurfEasy as our trusted VPN provider::

  • Backed by Opera software
  • 5-device installation per account
  • Low pricing of $77 per year
  • Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android operating system compatibility
  • Money back guarantee
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Convenient notifications when you’re on insecure Wifi

If you’re interested, you can register here.