SOC 2 Resources from Blissfully – New and Refreshed


At Blissfully we’re focused on simplifying SaaS Management pain and helping organizations better manage software and technology.

One of those pain points is maintaining security and compliance, which becomes more important (and challenging) for companies with every passing year. In fact, according to our 2019 Compliance trends report, 94% of IT practitioners said that balancing control vs. employee empowerment was their top concern.

We combined our experience having successfully completed 3 SOC 2 audits and working with hundreds of companies on theirs, to create a series of in depth resources to help companies. These should be useful whether you are already compliant and refreshing your audit, or going through the process for the first time.

SOC 2 Resources Page

This resource includes:

Our platform helps businesses better use and manage technology. We believe that good internal business processes make preparing for and completing security audits a breeze. Our platform helps you codify and implement these through predefined templates, workflows, and automations. Beyond that, these resources provide more context and insight into the process.

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