Contentstack Case Study

How Contentstack Replaced Point Solutions with Blissfully's Comprehensive Vendor Workflows


Contentstack is a modern content management system that brings business and technology teams together to deliver personalized, omnichannel digital experiences. The company has 200 employees and primarily supports mid market and enterprise businesses.


Spreadsheets only capture a moment in time, but without the ability to build accurate forecast planning or clear employee workflows, time and economic inefficiencies grew across multiple Contentstack business units.


Contentstack uses multiple point solutions across HR, Finance, and Marketing teams, but worked with Blissfully to construct one comprehensive technology ecosystem that speaks to them all.

Once the financial planning and management system was on track, Contentstack was able to increase efficiency further. Leveraging Blissfully’s seamless workflows automated mundane tasks and designated business department owners for every process. Time and cost-savings were apparent from the start, and continue to make Blissfully a strategic investment.

Blissfully improves business efficiency and efficacy through data transparency, vendor organization, and smart workflows — greater security and cost-savings are key results.

Steven Russell, CX Manager