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Clearbit provides powerful products and data APIs to help your business grow. Contact enrichment, lead generation, financial compliance, and more...
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Clearbit develops a suite of business intelligence APIs for modern day firms. Clearbit builds a suite of business intelligence APIs to help companies find more information on their customers in order to increase sales and reduce fraud. Clearbit goal is to be the data backbone for modern businesses, powering everything from credit checks to lead scoring. Clearbit currently provides three APIs which include Person API, that takes an email address and returns information about a person such as a name, avatar, title, and social accounts. Company API that takes a domain name and returns data about a company, such as a name, logo, market category, and headcount. Watchlist API that lets you search names against a consolidate global watchlist, simplifying OFAC compliance.

Ever tried in vain to find someone's email address? You know where they work, you know what most other email addresses at their company look like, but you still can't crack the code. Clearbit likely already has their email address—along with all the other details you need about that contact, their company, and colleagues. It's the people-centric search engine you need, one that works inside your favorite apps.

The simplest way to try out Clearbit is also one of the easiest ways to use it: in Gmail. Install the Clearbit Connect Chrome extension, and you'll get a new sidebar alongside your emails that shows details about your contacts. Open an email, and you'll see the contact's photo, social media profiles, location (including a moon icon if it's currently night where they live), and details about their company from their email domain. It'll help you remember important facts when emailing a contact—or let you know how to reply to a new lead who just reached out.

Need to email someone new? Just tap the Clearbit icon in the top of Gmail, select Find Email, then enter a company's domain name. Clearbit will show you everyone in the company it knows of, and you can search through the list by name and title. Say you want to get ahold of Zapier's marketing team. You'd search Clearbit for, type marketing in the search box, then select one of the team member's names to see their email address and social media profiles. It's one of the quickest ways to reach out to new people at companies.

Clearbit is Google for all the private contact info you'll seldom find on the web. Next time you're looking for an email, give Clearbit a shot—it likely has the info you need, along with extra details to make your outreach a bit more personal.

How do I use Clearbit data in my reports?

Create a new Report and select the Create New button. Under Select Report Type, expand the Leads folder, choose the Leads with converted lead information and Clearbit report type, and hit Create. Once the report template has been generated, simply drag & drop fields from the left-hand pane to your liking. Simply scroll down or do a Quick Find for "Clearbit" to find the selectable Clearbit fields.

What standard fields does Clearbit write to Salesforce?

By default, Clearbit will write to standard Salesforce fields if the standard field is blank/has a [[unknown]] value - Clearbit recognizes this value as a blank field.

Can I export or use Clearbit data in other systems?

Yes - you are free to move Clearbit-sourced data directly into other systems and even export reports as you need.