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Why settle for less? Get the security, mobility, reliability, and ease of use you need to digitally transform your business, with DocuSign eSignature solutions.
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DocuSign – Digital Signature Services – is an organization that offers digital transaction management and electronic signature technology services aimed at simplifying exchanges of contracts – via electronic means – and signed documents. DocuSign is transforming how 21st-century business is done by empowering over 200 million users across 188 countries and 300,000 establishments to sign, transmit as well as manage documents anywhere, anytime via any device with assurance.

DocuSign can replace:

  • Faxing
  • Printing,
  • Overnighting, and
  • scanning documents

DocuSign achieves this by making use the fastest, easiest as well as the most trusted method to make every decision and approval digital.

DocuSign provides their services via a mobile app – for free – or by subscription. Documents and signatures are encoded and then treated with a hash to disclose whether the document has been meddled with or compromised.

DocuSign satisfies and surpasses all strict United States and universal standards which no other DTM – Digital Transaction Management – organization can match. Even third-party audit news also corroborates the fact that the operations investments, as well as the enterprise security that DocuSign has put in place, are supreme. DocuSign is the only Digital Transmission Management organization to be SSAE 16-certified and ISO 27001-certified and globally tested across the whole company as well as its data centers. DocuSign is also officially compliant with the version 1.0 xDTM Standard which is the transaction management criterion for an open and digital world. The xDTM Standard assists consumers and organizations leverage the advantages of DTM to oversee online transactions without putting them at risk as well as the significance of using nonconforming technologies. The Standard is also developed on the twin concepts of reliability and trust and includes measurable and specific thresholds for privacy, security, availability, interoperability as well as other essential elements.

Digital Transaction Management

DTM – Digital Transaction Management – is a system of cloud software that is designed to help organizations and individuals – no matter how small or large – industries, etc. to securely and safely oversee decisions, approvals, workflows, and contracts digitally and in its entirety.

Digital transformation, of which DTM is a component, involves the transfer of an organization’s entire digital technologies in a bid to enhance the experience of customers. Organizations can conduct business easier, faster, more securely, more convenient without the conventional programming and expense that is required for existing enterprise applications.

After an electronically signed document is uploaded, a request for the review is made which each party must agree to in order to finalize business electronically. Once the document is reviewed, a signature will then be applied. Signatures can be generated automatically using software or be uploaded from a copy that is stored previously. Background checks, as well as phone confirmation, are provided, though as premium services.

DocuSign mobile app is available for free on Google Android, Apple iOS, and Windows Phone OS. DocuSign Ink enables users to annotate and sign documents which may be captured from a photo or image of a paper document or by attaching a stored signature which can be created using graphic design software. It can also be selected from a collection of integrated signatures which will be based on the legal name of the user. The saved signature can be applied to word processing documents, Portable Document Formats (PDFs), and images. Completing a document requires participants to put in their signatures and dispatch the completed documents to cloud storage for appraisal or evaluation.

Benefits of using DocuSign Services

By offering a solution that enhances eSignature and workflow, DocuSign allows you to

  • Sign, store, send or gain access to your documents in the cloud
  • Minimizing the time spent on managing template, envelopes, and signatures.
  • Enhancing form logic along with optional fields
  • Creating templates existing envelopes immediately
  • Utilizing comments to replace feedback in the signing event.

DocuSign Pricing

DocuSign has 3 General Plans and Pricing options available to its users:

  • Personal plan which costs $10 per month – $120 annually – which features the mobile app, Basic Fields, ability to send a minimum of 5 documents for signature per month for single users only
  • Standard plan which costs $25 per month – $300 annually – which allows more than one user, incorporates all the benefits of the Personal User plan along with Personalized Branding, Reminders & Notifications.
  • Business Pro which goes for $40 per month – $480 annually – which incorporates both the Personal and Standard plans, and some extras such as allow users to collect payments, advanced fields, Sending documents in bulk, and signer attachments.

DocuSign also has Real Estate plans and pricing: the Real Estate Starter plan that goes for $10 per month – $120 annually – which can only be accessed by a single user and includes zipForm Plus Integration. The other plan DocuSign for REALTORS for $20 per month – $240 annually – for more than five users and includes the following features:

  • Collaborative fields
  • Advanced recipient types
  • Reminders & notifications
  • In-person signatures
  • Signer attachments
  • Includes zipForm Plus Integration

DocuSign and Electronic Signature Law

Electronic signatures and documents are lawfully binding for almost all personal and business transaction around the globe. The solutions provided by DocuSign allows you to sign – in real time – while going beyond the prerequisites of the ESIGN Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act in the USA along with other nationwide and international laws where electronic signatures are acknowledged.

How DocuSign meets Legal Obligations

DocuSign, in compliance with the statutory requirements laid down by the U.S. ESIGN Act as well as other international laws, permits users to do the following:

  • Link up documents and signers
  • Authenticate the identities of signers through multiple means of verification
  • Verify the intent of the signer to sign on-screen or in real time
  • Permit ongoing and protected access to DocuSign documents
  • Keep details of all relevant documents as well as keeping tabs on signature activities
What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is an e-signature and workflow platform that allows its users to send off documents electronically for signature and oversees the documents sent while permitting several individuals to sign. The platform also allows users to not only access but store all their documents securely and instantly. DocuSign also allows users to supervise your business functions digitally using the fastest, easiest, and most secure avenue to transmit, oversee, and store all documents in the cloud.

How secure is DocuSign?

DocuSign is very secure, thanks to its bank-grade operations and security. Every electronic signature is documentable, unique, tamper-evident, and encrypted. DocuSign assures its users of the confidentiality of each transaction and also offer manifold verification of signing events.

What are the languages supported by DocuSign

DocuSign supports 13 languages – including United States English – and the users can sign documents in 43 localized documents.

How possible is it for me to use DocuSign eSignatures on my tablet or smartphone?

DocuSign’s mobile app makes it possible for anyone to prepare and send documents for signature, comprehensive in-person signing, and get immediate visibility into the status of your document on your tablet and smartphone. DocuSign mobile clients are also available globally in Google Play, Apple’s iOS App Store, Windows Phone, and Windows stores.

Is it true that DocuSign’s electronic signatures are legally binding?

DocuSign's electronic signatures are legally binding and valid worldwide and used in 188 countries. They offer prominent eSignature enforceability which is compliant with the U.S. federal ESIGN Act and UETA Act and many other international statues and laws.

What is the difference between electronic signatures and digital signatures?

Digital signature – which is a type of electronic signature – are based on precise technology that allows users to confirm the validity of the signer and to believe a signature is endorsed or authorized via the digital certificates as well as a private and public key pair. Electronic signature, or eSignature, has an electronic indication of intent to approve or agree to the contents of a document.

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