Import expenses directly from a credit card to create free expense reports quickly. Approve reports online and reimburse directly to a checking account with one click.

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Expensify is an expense tracking software platofrm used to manage costs, transactions, and money through real-time information and process data. The accounting functions carried out by the Expensify user-friendly interface are useful for many issues of expense management. It allows companies to compress different accounts and schedules in order to achieve transparency.

Expensify also offers powerful tools to track trip costs based on distance or time spent on a specific project. For international trips, you can convert currency and save data to specific text fields. It offers a simple cost-recovery solution, such as the cost of capturing information received through a voucher. Expensify is a good choice for companies of almost any size. This product offers a growing level of functionality depending on the user's needs. Expensify can track different types of costs, as well as time and mileage.

Grab Expense Management Data From Anywhere

Expensify allows you to add expenses using a mobile application (available for Android and iOS), which uses OCR SmartScan. You can also decide to download web pages, confirmations sent to the dedicated email address and special credit card accounts (both personal and business). You can take confirmation pictures from a web browser using Chrome Extensions, or import them via Dropbox or EvernoteFree from the iTunes Store.

The site has a screen where you can enter multiple costs at once, fill in a form similar to the spreadsheet and upload or attach related accounts. The first data collection option is a mobile application. Take a photo of your account at a point of sale, encrypt the cost with the codes of your accounting application, assign it to the project, and let the software do most of the work. In that sense, Expensify does a good job (though it's not as easy as showing and transferring a Receipt bank$14.99 at Receipt Bank).

As one of the fastest growing cost reporting programs, Expensify allows companies to easily manage the costs acquired through months or years. It automates the reporting and tracking process from the act of getting receipts or making payments by the end of the cost statements. One of the benefits of Expensify is that it permits automatic application integration with financial institutions, credit cards, or other payment methods, so it does not require a manual entry of data. Additionally, you can use this app for purchases or deposits, allowing you to capture real-time information. And, if you want to sync all the information in your mobile account, you can do so immediately to make transactions in both locations.

Expense, Miles & Time Tracking

Expensify does an excellent job recording key expense information, especially with OCR scanning, which can save you time by manual imputation of receiving data.

In addition, Expensify has an online web portal to accompany its expense tracking application. If you own a small company with more than one employee using this cost-tracking tool, a web portal makes it easy to track costs and employee compensation from a centralized location.

This business cost monitoring application allows you to use GPS technology on a mobile device to automatically track the miles traveled during a business trip. These miles are saved in a format that is acceptable for notifying the IRS when you are ready to pay taxes so you can use deductions from your business-related trips. For international trips, Expensify has a currency converter and a conversion rate calculator so you can keep accurate data in your company's currency.

Expensify integrates with both credit cards and your financial institution. Entering in the account numbers lets you see in the app when transactions occur both for purchase and for deposits, eliminating the need to re-enter data on multiple locations. It is also one of the few cost-tracking applications that monitor electronic funds transfers or EFTs. Expensify has an online account that gives you a chance to synchronize your mobile application and save all information in the two places. Unlike other cost tracking tools, this information is not automatically shared. Instead, you need to take some steps to export data to a web account. You can also export data to Excel, Dropbox or Email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of expensify?

The corporate policy’s cost is $9 per month per active user. Meaning you're charged $9 per month for each user who changes your cost data in your company's policies. No matter how many activities the user has in a given month, that user will be billed $9. Inactive users will not be charged.

How do I submit an expensify?

Click "Add Expenses" to select the ones you want, add all your costs from the list (hope you have SmartScanned!). When costs are added and changed, you should see Submit at the top of the screen. Click on it, confirm who you want to send the report to, and then click Submit.

What is billable in expensify?

The cost to be charged is the cost that the buyer will pay, whether it was on his or her personal card or business card.

How do I email receipts to Expensify?

Create a new email message. Write a new message using any webmail or e-mail client program and send it to receipts@enxpensive.com. Enter the right information in the “Subject” field on your email. Link the receipt to your email, then send an email.

How do I upgrade expensify?

Go to www.expensify.com, enter your email address, select 'Sign up.' Upgrade your account to the Team or Corporate plan. Once you've signed in, select the 'Upgrade' link in the top right-hand corner. Set up your company (Create an expense policy).

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