Blissfully is a complete SaaS management platform designed to help you take control of SaaS within your organization.

Automatic SaaS Discovery

Establish a source of truth for all of your SaaS apps, that always stays up to date.

app detection

App detection

Identify which apps you're using, the people using them, and how much you're spending. Includes Free app usage detection.

subscription detection

Subscriptions detection

See all of your subscriptions, organized by billing owner. Automatically. No more detective work to track down the account owner.

invoice PDFs

Invoice discovery

Blissfully surfaces invoices from across your organization, extracts the key information, and makes the PDF available in Blissfully.

How It Works

Blissfully stitches together data from G Suite, SSO (Okta, OneLogin, etc.), and accounting tools (Quickbooks, Netsuite, Xero, etc.) to provide a complete view into all the SaaS apps in use across your organization.

how it works

Real-time Data and Insights

Get the SaaS data and insights you need to make informed decisions -- from the organizational level down to individual apps and people.

Spend breakdown by app, team, or employee

See a complete view of your SaaS costs, and find opportunities to optimize spending.

spend chart

Product usage by app, team, or employee

Make informed purchase and consolidation decisions about your apps with accurate usage data.

product usage by app, team, or employee

Actionable Insights

Use intelligent insights to proactively lower costs, improve productivity, and increase security across your organization

Duplicate vendors

Find opportunities to consolidate subscriptions into one account. Your marketing team might not know your product team has been using the same tool for years.

Renewal alerts

Never miss a renewal again. Set and customize alerts to give your teams enough time to decide whether or not to renew their tools.

Orphaned subscriptions

Don't get caught off guard when the billing owner of an app leaves your company.

Vendor Management

Companies are now using hundreds of different SaaS vendors. And spreadsheets aren't going to cut it. Blissfully's Vendor Management tracks everything you need to keep vendors in check.

vendor management

Team Management

SaaS is a team sport. Empower your managers to stay on budget, manage app access for their own teams, and make informed purchasing decisions.

Easily create, manage, and sync teams

Easily create, manage, and sync teams

Create teams and that match your internal org structure. Assign team leads to manage them. Sync with Google Groups.

spend chart

View spending and subscriptions by team

Give your team leads access to all the information they need. View spend, usage, and access data by team.

Access matrix

Create an access matrix

Get a birds eye view of your entire team's app access on one screen.

configure onboarding requirements for each team

Configure onboarding requirements

Set team-level onboarding tasks and instructions to ensure each new team member has everything they need when they start.

Centralized Employee Onboarding

Get your new hires productive on day one with a seamless onboarding process.

Improved workflows

Select which team apps the new hire should receive based on their role and team. Everyone involved will see a clear workflow of what has and has not been completed.

Automated user provisioning

Blissfully automatically provisions G Suite and key applications, and alerts account owners to provision additional apps.

configure onboarding requirements for each team

Ready to start on day one

Start your new hires off on the right foot. Send them an overview of all the apps they will be using, who will give them access, and any tasks they can complete on their own. Make their first day a breeze.

Full audit trail

Blissfully automatically creates a full audit trail of onboarded employees. See which apps they have access to, who granted it, and when.

automated user provisioning

Secure Employee Offboarding

Confidently offboard employees in a comprehensive, secure process.

comprehensive off-boarding

Comprehensive offboarding

When you initiate offboarding, Blissfully automatically revokes app access where possible and sends tasks to owners of all other apps. Be assured nothing falls through the cracks with real-time updates.

Automated G Suite termination

Delete G Suite accounts with confidence. Automatically create a secure backup, revoke access, and terminate a G Suite account.

Complete audit trail for compliance

At the completion of the offboarding process, store a log file tracking when access was revoked for all applications alongside the former employee's fully backed up G Suite account.


Create and track workflows to collaborate with colleagues across your organization.

pre-built workflows for key processes

Pre-built workflows for key processes

Use our selection of workflow templates for key processes. Easily customize them to suit your needs.

Create custom workflows

Every company is unique. Create workflows for your company-specific internal processes.

audit trail for all open and completed workflows

Audit trail for all workflows

Maintain an organization-wide source of truth with automatic logging of workflows and tasks.

assign tasks to anyone in your organization

Assign tasks to anyone

All employees can see and complete any tasks assigned to them without creating a new login.

Employee Portal

Individualized app directory for every employee.

employee portal

See your own apps and tasks

Give each employee a portal to see all the apps they currently have access to, subscriptions they own, and what tasks are on their plate.

Easy access for everyone

There's no need to create an account. Each employee automatically has a portal connected to their G Suite account.

SaaS Operations

The essential tools you need to run SaaS in your organization.

saas ops

Automated backup

Create a secure and complete backup of a G Suite account before deletion.

G Suite lifecycle management

Provision and delete G Suite accounts in one click from within Blissfully.

Detect shadow IT

Don't get caught off guard. Identify free applications in use across your organization.

View permissions and authentications

View all the G Suite permissions and authentications across your organization in a straightforward chart.