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Make every customer service interaction a more human one. Use Help Scout. Trusted by over 7,000 businesses in 140 countries. Get started for free.
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Help Scout is a cloud-based help desk solution that helps small businesses and small teams manage their customer relationships. Help Scout is designed to look like a personal email. There are no ticket numbers, case numbers or impersonal templates to manage. The solution allows users to create multiple mailboxes for each shared email address so that they can work across departments or manage several products/ brands from a single account. The reporting feature helps users measure team performance, spot trends and monitor customer happiness. At the same time, it eliminates the complexities that usually come with conventional help desk solutions, and makes responding to emails and collaborating with team members smooth and simple.

A solid reason to consider Help Scout for your help desk needs is that it integrates with more apps and business systems than most popular providers, and doesn't restrict those integrations to enterprise grade users. Its pricing scheme is very flexible and designed to serve companies from various scales and industries, while the company also offers a free plan suitable for small teams and startups. Larger companies are also recommended to start with this team, as it will give them the chance to familiarize with the features before they've selected their paid plan.

Help Scout helps users communicate with clients in an easy and fast manner, providing them with professional and reliable service via multiple different channels. Thanks to it, customers won't be waiting in lines for hours, or be forced to undergo a frustrating procedure in order to find an agent that can solve their problems. For the first time, they can boost with solid and human support, and in such way recommend your product to new users.

Although there is a short learning curve customers have to surpass, it won't take them longer than an hour to fully adapt to Help Scout and maximize what its potential has to offer. From an agent's perspective, Help Scout is the ideal collaboration hub where they can consult each other on customer requests, using an Internal Note right before they've provided a response to the query. This is only one of the many custom actions that can be automated with this system. The built-in and powerful work builder will allow you to customize all operations literally. Help Scout lets users see which emails are being addressed in real time, so that team members do not respond to the same customer twice. Users can also assign conversations instead of forwarding them to coworkers to eliminate steps in the process.

How much does Help Scout cost?

Free — Shared inbox. Standard costs $20/month — It includes reporting, automation, and integrations. Plus costs $40/month and it includes advanced reporting and features for large teams.

How does mailboxes work in Help Scout?

A mailbox in Help Scout is like any other inbox: it holds email. Your support team will work together out of a mailbox to answer all of your incoming support requests.

Can I restore deleted items in Help scout?

If you've accidentally deleted a conversation, you can quickly and easily restore it and go about your business. There keep records of all conversations deleted

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