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Monitor your website’s availability and performance for free with Pingdom and always be the first to know when your website is down. No installation required.
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Pingdom is a powerful and feature-rich website monitoring service that's owned by SolarWinds, Inc., an established Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company focused on IT Management that has another product in this roundup, SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor. As with most of the other competitors in this roundup, Pingdom packs a variety of monitoring functionality across site availability, real user monitoring (RUM), transaction monitoring, alerting, and much more.

Since 2007, Pingdom has made a name for itself as one of the industry leaders in web performance monitoring software. Today, more than 700,000 customers (including Twitter, Spotify, and Facebook) use Pingdom to test the availability and performance of their websites and services. Although Pingdom is likely overkill for those just looking for a basic uptime monitor, the product delivers high-quality, customizable synthetic monitoring and real user monitoring capabilities that can be a worthwhile investment for companies that need to ensure the ongoing availability and performance of their websites.

The monitoring system doesn't require installation of software or code changes on your website. All that is needed is for you to provide your site's address and choose your interval for monitoring. If the dreaded "site is offline" occurs, Pingdom will alert you, using multiple methods including Twitter, SMS, email, etc. Moreover, while sending the news, Pingdom will automatically analyze the problem and tell you how to fix it quickly.

According to Pingdom, the professional plan offers the greatest value, and this is the one that we decided to analyze in-depth. It comes with exclusive benefits of 250 checks, subdomain monitoring, multi-user login, and 500 SMS warnings. There are also numerous other features included, like checking tags, public status page, discounts on SMS, and RUM tags. Mobile apps for iOS and Android are also available. In addition to these rich features, Pingdom's biggest highlight is its use of an intuitive and easy-to-handle interface, which neatly provides all the data related to speed and uptime.

The core functionality of the service are very user-friendly and easy to get started with, though more advanced features like transaction monitoring require some basic programming background and knowledge of HTML. Pingdom also provides dashboards and reports to help users determine if performance is on a downward trend or improving over time. Overall, Pingdom has earned its place as a major player in the website performance monitoring space, thanks to its ease of use and sophisticated monitoring capabilities.

How do I delete things in Pingdom?

To delete things on Pingdom, click the "Hold to delete" button, hold down the mouse button for about two seconds, until the red bar has reached all the way.

Why can't invited users access all of my account (multi-user)?

Not all plans include multi-user access. If your subscription plan does not have multi-user login then your invited users, regardless of access type, can only view the Dashboard and Alerting, but make no edits to the settings. They will, however, be available for assignment and alerting via Alert Policies.

How can I set up invoice payment on an existing Pingdom account?

In order to set up invoice payment on an existing Pingdom account, go to Settings > Billing Settings in the menu and click Pay by Invoice, agree to their terms, and submit the changes.

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