Workflows & Automations

Org-Wide Collaboration

Connect Operations, Finance, IT, and Team Leads in a single seamless system to ensure one source of truth.

Employee Portal

App Requests

Blissfully lets employees quickly and easily request access to necessary tools or suggest new ones. Key decision-makers are informed and the approval process can kick off with zero friction.

Workflow Audit Trail

Audit Trails

Blissfully automatically creates a full audit trail of each workflow. Keep clear records of which apps each employee has access to, who granted it, and when, to ensure an easy compliance process.

Team Management

Team Management

Empower your managers to stay on budget, manage app access for their own teams, and make informed purchasing decisions.

Roles and Collaboration

Roles & Collaboration

Tag users by role and be sure that they have the precise level of access desired. Keep your admins administrating, your editors editing, and your users getting maximal usage out of every tool.

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