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Complete the SaaS buying lifecycle. Leaders in SaaS management (Blissfully) and SaaS buying (Vendr) have joined forces to empower Finance, Procurement, and IT teams with the single best way to find, buy, and manage software.

Josh Marcus-Hixson Head Shot
Josh Marcus-Hixson Director of IT and Security

"Now from day one, new hires are set up with everything they need. We used to do a lot of chasing people around... and hope that by the end of the first week the new hire would get access to everything they needed."

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Andre Tan Head Shot
Andrew Tan Director of Finance

“We were able to noticeably streamline the process. Blissfully provides a clear and comprehensive view of SaaS apps that are in use throughout our organization. It became a one-stop shop for us to make sure every employee has the right access and tools they need to succeed in their roles.”

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Mick England Head Shot
Mick England Data Protection Officer

“Blissfully was integral. It showed us the amount of apps we were using and helped us manage 3rd party vendors and implement a stricter IT approval process. Now the entire process is all documented in one place, ready for auditors.”

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Greg Ratner Co-Founder, CTO

"Blissfully enables us to truly share the responsibilities around onboarding and offboarding at Troops. Previously, it was up to me to ensure that everyone completed their tasks, and I often felt like I was a zookeeper wrangling the animals. Now, the action items are distributed to the right people, and the responsibility for ensuring completion isn’t just on my plate.”

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Leo Vukmanovich Head Shot
Leo Vukmanovich Senior IT Lead

“With Blissfully, we know six months in advance when a contract is coming up for renewal, and have some leverage in the negotiation process. Blissfully gives us power and control over our renewals, which will save us tens of thousands of dollars on SaaS costs over time."

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