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About SOC 2:

SOC stands for Service Organization Control. SOC 2 is an auditing process based on the Auditing Standards Board of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (AICPA) existing Trust Services Criteria (TSC). SOC 2 report evaluates an organization’s information systems to check if all of its principles are followed. Organizations that are SOC 2 compliant adhere to a strict set of principles to securely manage customer data.

SOC 2 Compliance Guide

Our Complete 34-page Guide to SOC 2 Compliance. Learn about the audit process, the right approach to each common criteria, when to consider an audit, and how Blissfully can help. All in one place.

SOC Timeline

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Policy Templates

Copy and use these policy, procedure, and narrative templates for your next SOC2 audit

Evidence Spreadsheet

A full spreadsheet of key Trust Services Criteria, including each common criteria, points of focus, supporting documents required, and more.

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SaaS Codex

Our SaaS Codex is a continuously updated list of SaaS Services, including product information, use cases, and compliance status.

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