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Our password manager for teams is the safest and easiest way to share passwords, records and any other company information your employees need access to.
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TeamsID is a solid password manager designed for small and medium sized businesses. It has deep integration with G Suite. TeamsID is a reliable and widely used cloud hosted password management software that can be used in homes and offices. TeamsID helps users secure their passwords and any other sensitive and important data such as account details, codes, and records. With TeamsID, you can secure all levels of your organization, as well as give access to authorized persons so that they can have access to data needed to complete tasks.


Built on over a 10-year foundation of SplashData password management experience, TeamsID is trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide today. Although built for enterprises, TeamsID is also ideal for families to manage their passwords on mobile devices, as well as desktop. Individual users are provided with a personal vault where private data and information can be stored, that only they have access to, and the ability to share this information with anyone else that needs them.

TeamsID is an easy-to-use software with provision for users to set up teams and assign team members to specific tasks. Each member can also store their personal password without the fear that other users are going through their private data. The software works perfectly with applications like G Suite, and is available on Android, Windows and iOS platforms, allowing users accessibility while offline.

Secure Business Vault

TeamsID secure business vault provides users and teams with the ability to create and access records with the click of a button.

MySafe Personal Vault

Employees are given the opportunity to secure their passwords, and personal data as well. The MySafe feature can be turned on and off by Admin with regards to the needs of your company.

Auto Fill and Auto Save

New records can be added to your Business Password Manager when you log in to a new site. Using the plugin for browsers, Auto capture can be disabled. Secret Passwords Setting up new passwords after every contractor has completed his/her work can be very boring and time consuming, which is why with TeamsID Secret Password, it does not have to be so as you can set up a secret password to help you save time and provide your team with an additional layer of security.

Custom Record Types

TeamsID users can create custom record types in addition to the list of predefined records. Whenever a custom record type is created by a team member, that record type will be available to other members of the team.


TeamsID provides integration with amazing applications to provide additional security to your business, as well as save your IT admin the time used for onboarding large teams. Such applications include G Suite – with features like Single Sign-On, and Bulk Add Users in Seconds, Active Directory – with features such as Admin Level Provisions, and Quick and Hassle Free Set Up, Okta – offering features such as Secure Web Login, and All Record Types, and lastly, OneLogin – providing users with Availability on all devices, and Bulk Add Users in Seconds.


There are basically two (2) pricing options available to users on TeamsID, and both plans contain an array of features including Unlimited Users, Teams, and Records, Offline Access, Chat Support, MySafe Personal Passwords, IT Admin Control, Secret Passwords, Google Single Sign-On, Notifications Sharing, Account Access on all devices, Admin Reporting Events, Email Notifications, Private Cloud Hosting, Two Factor Authentication, New User Email Notification, Outside Data Import, API Access, and SAML Integrations. In addition to all these, Business Password Manager costs $3/user/month/year contract, while On-Premise Password Manager costs $3 with recurring $2,500 yearly upfront fee.

Blissfully recommends TeamsID for implementing robust security across your team. You can see where TeamsID fits into our Practical Guide to SaaS Security. If you're interested in using TeamsID, let us know and we can help you deploy it, or simply use code "Blissfully" when you sign up for a 10% discount.

Does TeamsID offer free trials?

Yes, TeamsID offers a 14-day free trial period, with all of the features enabled, and no limit on the number of users.

When does the free trial period start?

The free trial period starts the moment your account is set up. To keep using TeamsID after your free trial ends, ensure your credit card details are on file.

How do I use a coupon?

At any point in time during the free trial, you can subscribe to a plan, and apply your coupon.

Are there any benefits for families?

Families partake in additional 33% discount on all the pricing options. Only non-business email addresses can qualify for this discount.

Does TeamID offer any more benefits to other uses?

Yes, Academic and Non-Profit organizations qualify for an added 20% discount on all pricing options. Only organizations with emails that end with the suffix .edu or .org can partake in this discount.

How can I make payment on TeamsID?

You can make payments for TeamsID using any of the major credit cards. Payable by wire transfer or check, yearly subscriptions of over 50 members, or for on-premise deployments can also be made.

Can I cancel my TeamsID service?

Yes, your TeamsID service can be cancelled at any time by requesting a cancellation under the Billing section in Accounts Setting.

Can I select multiple records?

Yes, you can select multiple records to either delete or add to favorites in bulk.

How can I select multiple records?

Simply click on the record’s icon, you will see that the icon has been replaced with a green checkbox, and a menu appears at the top of your dashboard, tick the checkbox to select records, and selecting Clear will remove your selections. The Delete button will delete selected records, while the heart at the right-hand side of the menu will make selected records your favorites.

What kind of support does TeamsID provide for its users?

TeamsID provides in-app and conversation based support for its users. You can also send an email to to ensure your query is followed up immediately.

How many other languages is TeamsID available in?

Unfortunately, at the moment, TeamsID is only available in English, but provisions are being made to provide an in-app translation service.

Can I remove a user from my TeamsID account?

Yes, you can de-provision a user from your TeamsID account by simply clicking on Organization Settings > Members Tab, then click on Remove. All previous data that the former user had access to will no longer be accessible.