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What Every SaaS Business Should Know About Compliance

Compliance doesn’t have to be an intimidating 10-letter word. In fact, meeting SaaS compliance requirements could bring security to your infrastructure and protect your customers. Being compliant could also instill trust with your customers and potential clients, helping grow your company....

SOC2 Compliance Checklist - Blissfully

Ultimate SOC 2 Compliance Checklist [For 2021]

About to go for the SOC 2 audit? You probably have a thousand questions on what the next steps are. Being SOC 2 compliant gives you extra credibility and considerable competitive advantage. But passing the audit successfully means all your documentation, policies, and operations have to be...

August 19, 2020 in
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SOC 2 Budgeting – How Much Does SOC 2 Cost in 2021?

SOC 2 compliance is a standard from the AICPA (American Institute of CPAs). It defines the criteria for managing customer data using the five trust principles of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. In this guide, the goal is simple – to cover a few...

July 2, 2020 in
SOC2 Compliance Checklist - Blissfully

How to Prepare for a SOC 2 Audit

A SOC 2 audit makes sure that an organization’s non-financial reporting controls comply with the Trust Services Criteria. When in compliance, you show that you’re maintaining the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of a system. It’s important...

March 3, 2020 in
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SaaS Security and Compliance for HR

The role of HR in ensuring SaaS security compliance in your company From C-level executives to your newest recruit, security is everybody’s business, and, as the gatekeeper of your company, HR has a critical role in ensuring your data security. As your company becomes larger, you add more...

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What HR Needs to Know About SaaS Security

How much do you know about SaaS security? How secure is your business on the cloud? Every employee SaaS account is a potential point for a cyber-attack, and data loss. Your businesses’s data might not be as secure as you think. The average Small-to-Midsized company uses about 100 SaaS apps...

November 22, 2019 in

What is Shadow IT? Answers to Common Questions.

Shadow IT Explained Shadow IT is the use of IT hardware or software by an individual without the knowledge of IT within the organization. With the rapid proliferation of mobile devices and cloud-based services, IT has moved from being a tightly controlled environment to being an open...

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Why Your Company Needs a SaaS System of Record

Team leaders throughout the years have relied on technology systems of record to keep their data organized. A system of record is the authoritative data source for a given type of information, and the software that maintains this data becomes the organizational foundation for certain...

April 17, 2019 in

Why We Did our SOC 2 Audit a Month After our Seed Round

Most companies wait until their B or C round (or later) to start tackling key industry security audits and compliance certifications. I think that’s a mistake. In fact, we started our SOC 2 Type II process just a month after closing our Seed round.

March 26, 2018 in
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