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Infinitely flexible. Incredibly easy to use. Great mobile apps. It's free. Trello keeps track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details.
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Trello is one of the leading project management tools on the market today. The software allows users discuss projects and tasks in real time, and keeps team members updated through the use of task assignments, email notifications, visual kanban boards, and activity log.

Trello makes use of the kanban card system which contains all the possible pieces of information about your project. It also has a drag-and-drop feature which makes tasks easier and seamless. Cards can also be placed in lists, to make things organized and track the progress made on projects, as well as assign categories.

You can aalso customize lists and collaborate with team members on the go. Team members can receive real-time notifications of latest developments that take place in a project or task, as well as any changes that are made. Members will also be alerted when new tasks and assignments have been assigned, or when an update is required on an on-going task.

Trello offers you tools which make it easier for you to complete your tasks and assignment. One of such tools is the list. This is an arrangement of sorts, filled with cards that can be used by any member of your team or yourself. On each card, you can make checklists, add labels and due dates, upload attachments, or add comments.


Board Lists & Cards

On Trello, you will be provided with a board which is where you can create individual lists. It is also where cards can be kept in order to design projects and tasks. You are allowed to add an unlimited number of cards to a board. To make your cards stand out, you can use any of the numerous selections to customize them. Also, members can be added to a card to define laid down working rules and assignments on a particular project or task, and also set dues dates to ensure that all your projects are met on time.

Team Building

With Trello, it is very easy to collaborate and strengthen teams using the simple drag and drop feature. You can drag and drop already existing profiles onto a board or into a card. When the team is built, it will have access to that board or card that was created, making members able to collaborate and talk about the project to be done using any device and from any location. It is also easy to re-organize teams by removing any member that drops out of a project and replace them with new members. You will also be able to control how members can contribute to projects as well as which members do.

Applications & Integrations

Trello integrates seamlessly with other automation applications such as Zapier, GitHub and more.


Trello offers you three pricing options to choose from: Free, Business Class, and Enterprise Plans. The Free plan is a simple and powerful ways to get things done, and features Unlimited Boards, Lists, Cards, Members, Checklists and Attachments, and the ability to Attach files of up to 10MB from your computer as well as sync files from Google Drive (, OneDrive, Box (, or Dropbox ( The Business Class plan costs $9.99/user/month and features everything on the Free plan plus Attach Files of up to 250MB, Group and Organize all of your team’s boards with Collections, Maintain Control with Immediate One Click Access Removal for Former Members, etc. Lastly, the Enterprise plan which is ideal for large companies that manage multiple teams costs $20.83/user/month and features everything on the Business plan plus Single Sign-On, 2-Factor Authentication, File Encryption and many more.

What is Trello?

Trello is a software that makes your project management an easy and stress-free process.

Who can use Trello?

Trello is suitable for use by businesses and corporations as well as individual freelancers.

Is Trello free?

Trello offers you a free version with a number of amazing features. However, if you want more features, you have to subscribe to any of the paid plans.

What is a list on Trello?

On Trello, a list is the column header of a board. For example, a to-do list.

What is a card on Trello?

On Trello, a card is like a piece of paper that contains vital information about your project or task. Using the software, cards can be dragged and dropped from one list to another.

How do I mark a card as done on Trello?

To mark a card as done on Trello, simply click the checkbox next to the due date of the card. The due date badge will automatically turn green, meaning it has been marked as done.

Can I attach an image to a card on Trello?

Yes, you can attach an image to a card on Trello.

How do I attach image(s) to a card on Trello?

To attach an image to a card on Trello, simply drag the image or its URL onto the card, and it will be automatically added. Alternatively, you can add an image manually by clicking on the card to display the back, on which a list of options will be provided, select Attachments, then click where you would like to upload the image from.

What are the differences between Trello Business Class and Trello Gold?

While Trello Business Class is a paid product which provides unlimited power-ups with software like Slack, Google Drive, Evernote and more advanced security, Trello Gold provides more functionality and fun to your Trello boards such as customized backgrounds and stickers, larger file uploads, three power-ups/board, etc. You can access all of the features of Trello Gold in Trello Business Class but not all the features of Trello Business Class can be found in Trello Gold.

Can Trello be accessed offline?

Absolutely. Trello mobile applications offer you offline synchronization meaning that whatever work is carried out without an active internet connection will automatically be uploaded the moment you have an active connection.

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