Employee On
and Offboarding

Increase employee satisfaction with smoother processes and a simple way for employees to access tools. Seamless onboarding and offboarding for organizations that run in the cloud.

Kick off in Minutes

Trigger an onboarding in your HR tool, Blissfully, or G Suite. Blissfully generates a list of apps to be provisioned and who's responsible - whether that's IT, HR, your team lead, or the new hire themselves.

Configure by Team

Each team can easily define the apps their people require, and who's responsible for getting new hires access.

Delight Your New Hires

They'll love knowing all the apps they need, who will give them access, and when to expect it to be completed.

Secure Offboarding, Immediately

When an employee leaves, simply reverse the process. Blissfully revokes app access where possible and sends tasks to owners of all other apps.

One Place to Manage all of Your SaaS Vendors.

The average mid-size company uses over 100 SaaS vendors. Managing approvals, renewals, and compliance for all of these vendors could be a full-time job. Blissfully makes it easy to manage everything related to those vendors, in one place.

All Employee

HR Manager

IT Manager

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