SaaS Management

Seventy-three percent of organizations are looking to move almost all of their apps to SaaS by 2020. Blissfully gives you the visibility and tools to take control of SaaS across your organization. Save money, manage vendors, improve security, and simplify ops.

SaaS Management
Automatic SaaS Discovery Example

Automated Discovery

Discover and track SaaS apps automatically, who's using them, and how much you're spending.

Chart of SaaS spend optimization

Usage and Spend Tracking

Eliminate wasteful spending by identifying inactive accounts, extra licenses, and apps with overlapping functionality.

List of Venders

Vendor Management

Replace your SaaS spreadsheet. Use one platform to view invoices, manage renewals, create approval workflows, and track compliance.

Security & Compliance Capablities

Security & Compliance

Be prepared for your next SOC 2, GDPR, or ISO 27001 audit. Automatically create and maintain a provisioning record for all of your SaaS applications.

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One Place to Manage all of Your SaaS Vendors.

The average mid-size company uses over 100 SaaS vendors. Managing approvals, renewals, and compliance for all of these vendors could be a full-time job. Blissfully makes it easy to manage everything related to those vendors, in one place.

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