SaaS Spend Optimization

Put SaaS control back in the hands of the business operations team: Blissfully lets IT, Finance, and team leaders view organization-wide SaaS usage, cost, and subscription information all in one place. This complete view lets your team immediately find cost savings, and gives you a platform to optimize future spending.

A chart showing spend remaining stable while waste falls and productivity rises representing SaaS spend optimization
App Spending Graph

Gain Visibility Into your SaaS Spend

See the full picture of your SaaS spending. Blissfully automatically keeps your spend data up to date through integrations with your financial systems, email invoice detection, and SSO usage information.

Spending Breakdown Graph

Forecast with Confidence

Create budget forecasts, and automatically check quarterly spending against these forecasts. Segment by app or team, to ensure that team leaders are staying within their SaaS budget.

Monthly Invoice List

Surface all Invoices

Blissfully pulls in invoices from across your organization and links them to account owners, making it that much easier to find the information you need.

Zombie Subscription Notice

Find Immediate Savings

Stop paying for extra licenses and software you no longer use. Identify and eliminate zombie subscriptions in minutes.

One Place to Manage all of Your SaaS Vendors.

The average mid-size company uses over 100 SaaS vendors. Managing approvals, renewals, and compliance for all of these vendors could be a full-time job. Blissfully makes it easy to manage everything related to those vendors, in one place.

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