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Webflow is a tool for website design which allows you to create websites without the exact need for coding. The software can also help you host your finished website or if you so desire, export clean and ready to use codes to any other hosting site of your choice.

Webflow’s website builder is very flexible and can be used by almost anyone. It supports programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. You will also be provided with various design elements ranging from trigger-based interactions to animations and typography families.

Webflow also helps you to economize website creation. In the past, website designers had to outsource the coding aspect of their design process, while they build and design the sites. Now, by making use of this software, you spend less time and save more money. Intuit, CBS, IDEO, DELL, Autodesk, Adobe, and DirectTV are some of the popular brands that use Webflow.



The software provides you with all the powers and manipulations that come with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. However, instead of writing the codes yourself, you can easily manipulate them visually. While you go about building your website and laying out its content, the software’s designer will help you to create clean and semantic codes which are immediately ready to be exported to the web, or sent to developers. You will be provided with a blank canvas, as well as the tools required to fill it. You can build any layout, and style it to your taste using the robust typography and color tools.

Content Management System (CMS)

You can create whatever content structure that you need, then add the contents by hand or import them via the API or from a CSV, before designing it visually. Webflow’s content management system works for developers, designers, and editors. The software allows you to create easily well-structured content with customized fields. By building the schema you need, you can easily connect it to any design you desire. It also works with all types of contents from numbers, to images and texts.


Webflow offers you a super fast and lightning hosting. It is only one click away and will give you access to one of the fastest and most scalable hosting technology that your business or organization can have. It also comes with an entire website management platform. The software has been able to power the hosting of popular companies such as IDEO, Procurify, HelloSign, SeamlessDocs, etc.


Webflow offers you plans for hosting only, regular designing of sites, and team plans. For the hosting plans, there are four pricing options to choose from: The Basic Hosting which costs $15/month, CMS Hosting at $20/month, Business Hosting at $45/month and the Free plan. All of these plans have features such as Free SSL Option, API Access, Site Search, Form Submissions, etc. If you build a lot of sites, there are three options to choose from: The Free plan, Lite plan at $24/month, and Pro plan at $42/month. All of these options come with Unlimited Hosted Projects, Client Billing, Global Swatches and many more. If you are on a team, there are two options available to you; The Team plan which costs $42/person and the Custom plan. Contact Customer Care to find out the pricing for custom plans. Both of these plans come with Forms & Notifications, Flexbox, Reusable Symbols, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a software that allows you build and design websites. The software can also help you host your finished website if you wish.

Does Webflow offer a free trial version?

Yes, Webflow offers you a free trial version.

Does Webflow offer any discounts for non-profit organizations?

No, Webflow does not currently offer any discounts for non-profit organizations.

How do I enable auto-renewal on my Webflow account?

Webflow automatically sets your account to auto-renew whenever you subscribe to any of the paid plans.

Can I turn off the auto-renewal on my Webflow account?

Yes, you can turn off the auto-renewal on your Webflow account anytime you wish.

How do I turn off the auto-renewal on my Webflow account?

To turn off the auto-renewal on your Webflow account, simply go through the cancellation procedure, and you will no longer be charged at the end of your subscription.

Can I upgrade my Webflow account?

Yes, you can downgrade and upgrade your Webflow account anytime you wish to.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my Webflow account?

To upgrade or downgrade your Webflow account, simply open Account Settings > Plans > Select the plan you wish to upgrade or downgrade to > Billing Frequency > Start Plan.

Can I cancel my Webflow plan if I no longer wish to have one?

Yes, you can cancel your Webflow plan anytime you wish to.

How do I cancel my Webflow plan?

To cancel your Webflow plan, simply go to Account Settings > Billing Info > then click on Cancel Plan at the end of the page.

What payment options does Webflow accept?

Webflow accepts payment from all the major credit and debit cards including Visa, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, MasterCard, and Discover.

Am I allowed to customize my Webflow CMS site’s database?

With Webflow, you can edit and manage your database. However, you will not be granted permission to access the database’s code.

Can I import already existing blog content to Webflow CMS?

No, you cannot import any data into Webflow CMS at the moment; however, this particular feature might be available in future.

Can visitors comment on Webflow CMS?

No, at the moment, Webflow CMS cannot allow site visitors leave a comment on your website. However, it is possible to integrate with third-party commenting software such as Disqus using the embed component.

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