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Infinitely flexible. Easy to use. Free to try. Yesware puts powerful sales tools inside your inbox, with email tracking, phone dialer, and sales automation.
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Yesware is a sales productivity tool that connects users with prospects, monitors customer engagements, and helps complete deals from the safety of their inbox. At the moment, more than 800 users rely on Yesware including Square, Groupon, Zendesk, and Acquia.

Yesware allows you track email open and reply rates, link clicks, presentation pageviews, and attachment opens. The software provides you with valuable data that can help you identify the message for all steps of a sales process. It is an all-in-one sales toolkit that allows you connect with prospects, complete deals, and monitor customer engagement.

Yesware helps you better understand your prospects by utilizing the data you will be presented with when they read their emails, click on links, as well as which email templates are the most effective in achieving desired results. The software saves you time used to upload your data manually into your CRM, as it syncs automatically. It also removes barriers to productivity as well as encourages sales teams to make smarter and faster decisions by including data insights and sales communication tool into email workspaces. Yesware integrates perfectly with your favorite mail applications such as Gmail, GSuite, Outlook, Office 365, and Exchange.

Email Tracking

After you click send on a message, you'll be provided with instant alert the moment a document has been viewed. You will also be able to see what device the message was viewed on. In addition to this, Yesware provides you with data on which pages or slides of a document or attachment were skipped or viewed, as well as how long was spent on it. With one click, the Inbox Dashboard will show you what you want to know such as which messages have been replied and those that haven't.

Email Templates

The software allows you to build a resource of prewritten messages, which can help you send emails faster. You can see important metrics to discover which types of emails work the best. Open and reply rates are automatically tracked so you can learn which emails get the best-desired results. After discovering information about which emails work best, you can then use them to send targeted messages to recipients.


You can schedule meetings easily without the notoriously boring back and forth emails. Your email pulls up the calendar app when trying to make a schedule, so you don't have to be toggling back and forth between apps. The times you set is inserted as a link to your recipients so that they can book a time that works for you. The software is easy and flexible so you can choose when to meet on your calendar or a colleague's based, on any of the time zones.


Touchpoints collate your entire prospecting playbook together from cold calls to drip campaigns, all in the easy-to-use software. This feature automates the tasks that are time wasters and connects seamlessly with tools, so staying organized is effortless.


There are 3 pricing options available to you on Yesware - The Pro, Premium, and Enterprise plans. The Pro plan costs $12/user/month billed annually and features Real-time Email Tracking, Personal Templates & Reports, and many more. At $25/user/month, the Premium plan encompasses all the features of the Pro plan as well as Mail Merge Campaigns, Team Template Sharing & Reporting, etc. Lastly, the Enterprise plan contains all the features from the Premium plans plus Touchpoints Campaigns, Salesforce Inbox Sidebar, Email and Calendar CRM Sync, etc., and it costs $55/user/month.

What is Yesware?

Yesware is a service that can help people in sales business close deals faster. The software can achieve this by integrating with user's current work environment and enhancing it to make it more effective.

How do I install Yesware?

If you plan to use Yesware for Gmail or Outlook, it can be installed directly from the website.

Does Yesware offer users a free trial version?

Yes, Yesware offers you a free trial version.

How long does the free trial version of Yesware last?

The free trial version of Yesware lasts for 28 days.

What applications can I use Yesware on?

In order to use Yesware, it is required to send emails from the Gmail web interface, Outlook, Office for Mac and Web.

Can I use Yesware on web browsers?

Yes, Yesware is available for use in both Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

After deleting Yesware for Gmail, can it be reinstalled?

Yes, you can reinstall Yesware for Gmail by following the steps below: For Chrome: Launch the browser and type in chrome://extensions. Locate Yesware on the list and click Trash next to it. Refresh your Gmail app, and then visit to reinstall it. For Firefox: Simply go to Tools > Add-Ons, locate Yesware among the list and then click on Remove. Refresh Gmail, and then visit to reinstall.

How do I upgrade my Yesware account?

To upgrade your Yesware account, simply go to to view your current plan and select a new one.

How do I upgrade my credit card information on Yesware?

To upgrade your credit card information on Yesware in Gmail or Outlook, click on the drop-down menu, then My Account. You will be presented with a new page, click Admin > Account > Payment Method.

What payment options does Yesware accept?

Yesware accepts only credit card payments. Payments made via PayPal will not be accepted.

How do I add my colleagues to my Yesware account?

To add colleagues to your Yesware account select; Yesware > My Account > Account > Users and Teams.

Which Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications does Yesware support?

Yesware integrates directly with Salesforce, which is the largest CRM provider in the world. Salesforce integration is available to users on Enterprise and Enterprise + Phone plans.

How do I enable link tracking on Yesware?

To enable link-tracking on Yesware, click on the Yesware drop-down option in the top left corner of Gmail, and then click on Preferences > Compose Options and then toggle on Track Links.